Getting paler by the day
Skin is shrinking on your frame
I saw it
Leave my body

Teeth are rotting out of your skull
It's making you thick and it's making you dull
I can see it
It's not who I wanna be

So light it again
Take a drag grab a pen
And write what you feel
You know it's not real
So you bleed on the page
To release all this rage
So you can see it
And know that it's me

They all say that I look gaunt
But if I starve then it's them that I'll haunt
I can't stop it
And I've lost it

Punishment just isn't sweet
Like your speeding heartbeat
When you leave me
And reappear

It's your little trick
It's your choice take your pick
And every time it's not me
Know that I can see
And I look in the mirrors
Ad the horrors I find
With my bones sticking out
Have I really been blind

All of this time
I'm just wasting away
By the minutes and all thanks to you
In no time I'll be finished
I lay on the floor
I connect to the ground
To escape from the sky
And the weight crushing down

I can't breathe I can't see
I can't speak I can't feel
It's easy to choke
When you don't want to eat
And I'm going to pass out
Feel the black weight press down
I used to feel lost
Once it's gone I know I'll be found


from LEVIATHANS, releases August 21, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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