Fall Apart

from by ghosts and leviathans



love u x


A perfect night to tear down walls
A night of queens to make kings fall
I wonder do we need them at all
Right on the mark, we are on the ball

Reclaim the starlight in the night sky
The perfect night to dance and to cry
Keep sipping, lips will open wide
And you can scream your fears and I

Will catch them in my arms like you do with me
When sadness tears the ground from underneath my feet
When hearts get bruised like mouldy fruit thrown to the floor
I'll always be here, yeah I'll be at your door

Let's get drunk
And fall apart
It's the basest act
But to us it's art

I love you dearly
You're my other half
Breathe life into me
Remind me how to laugh

The perfect night to lose our minds
Suffocating bass, this is the perfect time
With a wink and a smile walk me through the crowds
They question our every move, fill their heads with doubt

We're just having fun tonight
Kiss me in the neon lights
Nothing to us it's a fucking laugh
Frozen in time like a photograph

Night time comes and we're alive
Formless like spirits passing through the black sky
Stars above are not ready
For all the things we're about to be

Screaming at the shadows we fall apart
Running down the street with a bleeding heart
When things get rough and hard to deal with call me up
It's the basest act but to me it's love


from LEVIATHANS, releases August 21, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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