Bloody Linen

from by ghosts and leviathans



please don't your hands on my body
I know it's hard to make the call
Shadows dance around your fingers
Jagged on the dim lit wall

In my head they carve my flesh
When they should grace the surface
Dissolving every atom
Each breath a damning curse

I know you want to get inside
But I have the only key
So you can beg all you like
But you will never wear me

And you can choke me till Im blue
But I still have the power
And as my eyes roll back
You crumble like an ancient tower

Sometimes I feel weak
Stripped down in the mirror
Every blemish a fated error
Every freckle an ugly terror

Lift me over your shoulder
Teach me how to feel the touch
Of someone who's stronger
The advent of our saviour

Stretch me across the linen
And tear me limb from limb
In ecstasy I'll giggle
And even dead you'll never win

Make me scream mercy
Make me play dead
Draped in bloody linen
Let it all rush to my head

I make them bend backwards
I make them all cry
They all wanna fuck me
But I wish that they would die/ but they make me wanna die


from LEVIATHANS, releases August 21, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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