from by ghosts and leviathans



Something in the corner of my eye
Briefly touch and then we say goodbye
Glowing soft and pink inside my mind
Gasping, speeding through the neon lights

Touch it and you know that you'll be burned
I tell myself but it feels good to hurt
Shock numbs all until I'm coming down
And I regret how you're not here right now

You keep texting me, what do you want?
Again, coincidence, yeah, I think not
I hope you freeze to death you fucking dog
You're why I cannot reach through the fog

But that's a lie
It's not like that
My brain just prepares for attack
I don't want you
No not at all
But when you leave me on my own

I feel like there's
a hole in me
That you and only you complete
You put it there
to make your mark
You burned your name into my heart

Full of hatred, burning like a fire
You make me sob and I'm so not a crier
You've done nothing wrong so what's the problem
My brain just twists your words into a timebomb

And when they stagnate in my mind, the shrapnel tears
My sense of self beyond repair
Totally dependent on another
You're my best friend, you're like my brother

And even through the red of burning rage
I will hold you tight and warm your face
Maybe next time I will be with it
Grab your hand, follow you into oblivion

That's all I want, oh can't you see?
So keep your twisted tongue from me
Just be my friend that's all I need
I need a boy to make me breathe


from LEVIATHANS, releases August 21, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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