violent voices

by ghosts and leviathans



released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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Track Name: just words
I dont think I love you / those are just words / and they are easy to say

i thought i did / because when you grabbed my waist / i lost all sense of time / colour left my face

and when you drove me home / in freezing winds at night / when you kissed me goodbye / my head always felt light

but now your every word / feels like a harpoon / and i drag them with me / no matter what i do

and every time you lash out / you take a chunk of me / i feel my cheeks go red / they just might burst and bleed

forget we ever fell in love / forget it all i plead / i'm falling out of love / and so you need to cut the lead / that binds us both together / that keeps us both at bay / forget we ever fell in love / i beg of you, i pray
Track Name: waves of mania
when she sent me the photo
i felt my heart ache
i felt so happy to see you
like id had to wait

as if we were long lost friends, the memory dissapearing
we arent even acquaintances
and thats what im fearing

after the aching subsides, i lose my fucking mind
it takes me back in time
when love was closer by

and now im bitter and sad
cause i got to hold your hand
and you will never see how low i've been

i couldn't concentrate
the days dissipate
into a dirty grey
i love you but i hate

how you could be this way
this is the cruelest fate
yet all these years i'll wait
i promise you'll ill wait

and if another comes along
and you come back
id kick him to the kerb for you
how fucking sad

and yes i know its bad
but i cannot stop myself
i need to get some help
i need your fucking help, oh
Track Name: requiem for a boy
I missed my boy / break me with a kiss boy / nauseous stomach / final dying wish boy / jumper smells like you boy / i break i ache for you boy / when it comes apart / ill be waiting here for you boy

my fears and worries dissipate / i think this was my fate / always meant to collide / like comets in the night sky

driving through the night I / stare at you as you drive / eyes that glint in the light / calm composure soft smile / rest my head on your arm / i can come to no harm / in the dark with you I / feel completely calm
Track Name: a bad ending
sitting under the christmas tree / you and me wait patiently / for him and her

the lights are on but we're the only ones home / no presents except for the ones that we know / hands folded

we wait for the door to open, but silence is all we can hear / as it begins to envelop us, we start to develop the fear

the turkey is ready for eating / the cutlerys shined and prepared / for all four of us

weve just sat for hours not a word to share / we told you the time and we prayed you'd be there / to join us

the polaroids hang from the ceiling / the vinyl plays in reverse / what the fuck is going on

maybe it just wasnt meant to be / maybe you just arent real / maybe we forgot the line between reality and our dreams

the flies swarm the turkey is ruined / the wrapping is ripped on the floor / we couldn't wait any more

we haven't moved for days now / we're wasting away into bones / the flesh is long gone and our minds hover above

reality and dreams are colliding / your hands both reach through the cracks / we scream as we reach right back

pull us to your world don't leave us / you mirror the fear deep within / but the portal closes and we can't even breathe in