the brink

by ghosts and leviathans



released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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Track Name: don't
dont trust the kiss at the end of the message
another error in the algorithm

dont trust these hands they like to wander
they trace my own with such imprecision

dont trust his lips every movement is a waltz
and you'll be blinded

the orchestra plays rhapsodies for him
and everyone else will be silent

dont trust the way he seems to care
they always do but dont you dare

when you are broken and alone
his lights are the reason you cant get home

dont trust the way he holds you close
its loose and fragile like my bones

id hold you tight but im afraid
to get too close it would make me insane

lie numb in bed, kill off your mind
let him inside to make you blind

warp everything that you've held dear
like vinyl drenched in sick and tears

i am aware that i am mad
im trouble fucking dumb and sad

dont waste your time talking to me
youll find another to make you bleed

-am i living in hope that divine intervention
will come and save my life?
when i should just accept the fact
that i'm going to die-
Track Name: roses
when they were cutting roses from the thorn bush in the garden / you were the prettiest you looked like you could do no harm / it seems as though i could not have been more wrong / your thorns hidden underneath your skin where i belong

and when you touched my skin it left a deep scar on my heart / the blood dripped down and i cried out like children in the dark / if someone should be punished i choose you to bear the pain, its your turn now / i've suffered the brunt for five fucking months in vain

numbness is a virtue i have yet to learn to love / the bruises on my neck do not hurt me quite enough / i long to feel emotion other than this ache inside / when you left my life i saw those rose petals die
Track Name: trust
I feel it coming up my throat / the broken lumps of flesh and bone / i feel the fear reside inside / there's nowhere left for me to hide

I See you in my line of vision / a monster on a secret mission / you're way too far out of my league / making it so damn hard to breathe

wrap your arms around my waist / your salty skin and blood i taste / bite into me tear me apart / i have no need left for this heart

you're going to leave, so stay a while / see can you make me crack a smile / my fear of men is growing by the hour / so let me rest show me your power

I've waited for your touch to rot / for a while so tie the knot / kiss me goodbye send me above/ there's no such fucking thing as love
Track Name: games
i sit in anxious silence / we drive on borrowed time / i find so long finding you / have i lost my mind

your warm embrace was everything i'd ever need / your barbed tongue was the only thing to bleed

the traffic stopped around us / the birds flew all round / flowers once dull and dreary / grow so high around

the bitter winds of night the sunny breeze of day / you are the icy sun on a summers day

leave the wreckage far behind / leave me burning in the back of your mind / stab the space between your fingers with a knife / games are fun until they ruin your fucking life

we made out in the nightclub on the heaving floor / i always needed space / you always needed more

i was a stupid fool / and you reminded me / you think that you're a monster / whats wrong with honesty?

i text you all my feelings / from the drunken source / drunk on vodka and my liquid thoughts

that dissipate in sunlight / reappear in the dark / take a fucking chunk out of my beating heart
Track Name: outsider
will i ever be one of you
i dont know
will you ever let me in
i dont think so

i cross my fingers arms and toes
pray to god
but im still standing on the outskirts
of my thoughts

am i the outsider
looking in at you
circle of elitists
that i cannot break through
am i just a loser
do you think ive got no clue
it breaks my crumpled heart
to know i cannot be like you

theres a formula to being like one of you
but no matter how hard i lie it just wont do

do you stand in circles laughing trapping
me outside
because youre beautiful and confident and i cant even smile

do you think im kind of dumb
do you think ive gone insane?
do you think that i can find a way
to start the change?

maybe one day you will see me
in the right light
but until then i sit alone
in the depressive moonlight
Track Name: for you
are you holding on by your short jagged nails
blood pumping through as your train has derailed
your hands start to shake and your face has turned pale
but you stumble on, so confused and afraid

you cling to a memory of better days
a time when you werent so relentlessly afraid
they want to take you away
and i am so scared that they will one day

you are the person that I see as home
the one who makes me feel like Im not so alone
Youre in my blood you're one of my own
they could tear away muscle and break every bone

but I promised that Id always stay
Through all the sadness and dreariest greys
Through all the fear and the panic inside
the voices that undo the seams of your mind

I know that I cant fight for you but Im always here
a place of respite if you need it my dear
Ill hold you tight until dawn has arrived
Until you have no more tears left to cry

It hurts to sit and watch you from the side
Drag yourself through thorns bushes briars and liars
I want to scream and reach out for you
But you're too far away there's nothing I can do

Come to me I have a place in my heart
Where no one can tear you apart
Can we go back to the start
When we used to be afraid of the dark

Take my hand and walk into the heavens
You'll see her again when you come to the end
Oblivions coming but you have to hold on
You've already proved that you can be strongt