by ghosts and leviathans



releases August 21, 2017

this album is dedicated to everyone that has influenced me or been in my life over the last few months, the people that briefly stayed and left, and to the friends and people who stayed behind to dance in the rubble with me. Without you to make these memories this album wouldn't be possible. Thanks for helping me turn my leviathans into something I can be proud of x



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Track Name: Intro
something's coming
Track Name: Let Me Go
Everything is going wrong tonight
I have nothing left to save me from my final goodbye
Its one am and I can't close my eyes
What usually saves me from the edge is causing me such pain inside

Reality is crushing my dreams
My spineless fantasies

You say you can't breathe
You're just so lonely
But you're right beside me

Losing my mind right now
I really need your help cause I'm breaking down
What should I do to make you see
You're the only one that can really hurt me

Let me go, let let let me go
Let let let me go Let me go
Break the lock and throw away the key
You're so in love right now but not with me

Lying prostrate on the concrete floor
A ringing in my ears a constant pounding drone
Take my tongue and rip it out of my mouth
I don't want to talk I just want to go home
Track Name: What Does It Mean
It's closing in my friend
Just take a breath and start again
Just take a breath and you'll be fine
Just breathe for me all through the night

Keeping outward, exterior design
A sliver of something sublime
An older track less travelled by
A place you used to go to cry

A stain upon the bathroom floor
A memory of something more
Times they came and they flew by
Like cruel words darting through your mind

If everything was hard to find
Inside your empty head and mind
You can see but you're fucking blind
You can see but you're fucking blind

What does it mean
When you force me to my knees

A prophecy is coming true
i made it in my head for you
i made it right to make you blue
you crafted the end so i would lose you

revenge is sweeter when you have to wait
Im sick of the drugs Im sick of fate
Trying to change the way I feel
This love buzz is making the comedown real

Projecting my emotions on
Another cause you did me wrong
Twisted psychology of the mind
I don't know if this will be right in time

I broke his heart to impress you
But you're too blind to see the things I do
I broke his heart now take me back
Never again to be intact
Track Name: Aftermath
Something in the corner of my eye
Briefly touch and then we say goodbye
Glowing soft and pink inside my mind
Gasping, speeding through the neon lights

Touch it and you know that you'll be burned
I tell myself but it feels good to hurt
Shock numbs all until I'm coming down
And I regret how you're not here right now

You keep texting me, what do you want?
Again, coincidence, yeah, I think not
I hope you freeze to death you fucking dog
You're why I cannot reach through the fog

But that's a lie
It's not like that
My brain just prepares for attack
I don't want you
No not at all
But when you leave me on my own

I feel like there's
a hole in me
That you and only you complete
You put it there
to make your mark
You burned your name into my heart

Full of hatred, burning like a fire
You make me sob and I'm so not a crier
You've done nothing wrong so what's the problem
My brain just twists your words into a timebomb

And when they stagnate in my mind, the shrapnel tears
My sense of self beyond repair
Totally dependent on another
You're my best friend, you're like my brother

And even through the red of burning rage
I will hold you tight and warm your face
Maybe next time I will be with it
Grab your hand, follow you into oblivion

That's all I want, oh can't you see?
So keep your twisted tongue from me
Just be my friend that's all I need
I need a boy to make me breathe
Track Name: Little Angel
My little angel, blonde and full of light
Scrape me off the concrete, dance my sad corpse through the night

Your fingers trace my skin, and the glitter sinks in
Melting into my pores, like your cheeky little grin

My little angel shot me in the heart
He caught me before the devil so we never had to part

I come and go like hellish waves crashing against the shore
And when the tide is out you'll keep running out for more

My little angel fixed my broken soul
Stitched me back together with angel dust and coal

Promise me you'll always follow
Even when you're lost
I'm sorry that you've gotten close
And that our paths have crossed
Track Name: Fall Apart
A perfect night to tear down walls
A night of queens to make kings fall
I wonder do we need them at all
Right on the mark, we are on the ball

Reclaim the starlight in the night sky
The perfect night to dance and to cry
Keep sipping, lips will open wide
And you can scream your fears and I

Will catch them in my arms like you do with me
When sadness tears the ground from underneath my feet
When hearts get bruised like mouldy fruit thrown to the floor
I'll always be here, yeah I'll be at your door

Let's get drunk
And fall apart
It's the basest act
But to us it's art

I love you dearly
You're my other half
Breathe life into me
Remind me how to laugh

The perfect night to lose our minds
Suffocating bass, this is the perfect time
With a wink and a smile walk me through the crowds
They question our every move, fill their heads with doubt

We're just having fun tonight
Kiss me in the neon lights
Nothing to us it's a fucking laugh
Frozen in time like a photograph

Night time comes and we're alive
Formless like spirits passing through the black sky
Stars above are not ready
For all the things we're about to be

Screaming at the shadows we fall apart
Running down the street with a bleeding heart
When things get rough and hard to deal with call me up
It's the basest act but to me it's love
Track Name: Shouldn't Be Here
The sun's shining down on the sinners today
Glitter and ashes, forgetting to pray
And as I obsess over the rubble
You've left me behind and now I'm seeing double

Even though I know we are one and the same
We are not and this is like a psychotic game
Try to decipher why I feel so wrong
Even though i knew I should fucking belong

Have a drink or two with me
Let me in and set me free
If you teach me how to be
Maybe I can be happy

I shouldn't be here

The sun's going down and the freaks are all out
Ready for fun, dissolving the doubt
But I stand outside observing the crowd
In my circle of freaks I feel strangely left out

This is my tribe so I don't understand
Why they're turning away why they won't hold my hand
Why they leave me to find my way out of the dark
On my hands and knees, looking up at the stars
Track Name: Bloody Linen
please don't your hands on my body
I know it's hard to make the call
Shadows dance around your fingers
Jagged on the dim lit wall

In my head they carve my flesh
When they should grace the surface
Dissolving every atom
Each breath a damning curse

I know you want to get inside
But I have the only key
So you can beg all you like
But you will never wear me

And you can choke me till Im blue
But I still have the power
And as my eyes roll back
You crumble like an ancient tower

Sometimes I feel weak
Stripped down in the mirror
Every blemish a fated error
Every freckle an ugly terror

Lift me over your shoulder
Teach me how to feel the touch
Of someone who's stronger
The advent of our saviour

Stretch me across the linen
And tear me limb from limb
In ecstasy I'll giggle
And even dead you'll never win

Make me scream mercy
Make me play dead
Draped in bloody linen
Let it all rush to my head

I make them bend backwards
I make them all cry
They all wanna fuck me
But I wish that they would die/ but they make me wanna die
Track Name: One Hundred and Fourty Five
Is it the start of something?
Is it a big deal or nothing?
I'll wait for your bus to pull in
Vomit in my chest keeps me full and

Moths in my stomach keep me awake
I've been really tired, I'm not sleeping great
Leviathans on dry land
My fear of men is real bad

Tracing your fingers like treasure
I don't wanna go but I'd better
I'm getting to know you better
And my souls as light as a feather

Your eyes have a life of their own
They dance causing jolts in my bones
And I would love to take you home
Instead of taking the train alone

Moments of peace bring the thoughts back
Am I falling or is this an attack?
I don't think that this is love
But whatever it is is enough for me
Track Name: Gaunt
Getting paler by the day
Skin is shrinking on your frame
I saw it
Leave my body

Teeth are rotting out of your skull
It's making you thick and it's making you dull
I can see it
It's not who I wanna be

So light it again
Take a drag grab a pen
And write what you feel
You know it's not real
So you bleed on the page
To release all this rage
So you can see it
And know that it's me

They all say that I look gaunt
But if I starve then it's them that I'll haunt
I can't stop it
And I've lost it

Punishment just isn't sweet
Like your speeding heartbeat
When you leave me
And reappear

It's your little trick
It's your choice take your pick
And every time it's not me
Know that I can see
And I look in the mirrors
Ad the horrors I find
With my bones sticking out
Have I really been blind

All of this time
I'm just wasting away
By the minutes and all thanks to you
In no time I'll be finished
I lay on the floor
I connect to the ground
To escape from the sky
And the weight crushing down

I can't breathe I can't see
I can't speak I can't feel
It's easy to choke
When you don't want to eat
And I'm going to pass out
Feel the black weight press down
I used to feel lost
Once it's gone I know I'll be found
Track Name: Little Angel (Reprise) / Outro
My little angel
I think it's time we part
You caught me before the devil
But he must have caught a piece of my heart

I'm no good for anyone
I think that's clear to see
With no reign on my tongue or body
Why would anyone want me

My little angel
Help me understand
Why my soul is broken
And why my heart is damned

I'm sorry but it's time to go
And it was pretty fun
But now my silhouette is melting
Into the boiling sun