Distorted Memories: Prelude

by ghosts and leviathans

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released September 24, 2016



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ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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Track Name: Lies
time is fracturing around us
everythings collapsing to the ground
I scream for help but nothings coming out my mouth

My hands are still but my brain is dying
My minds gone to you I lie again
All these bad thoughts wash over me
Ive spent so long trying to break free

People come but always go
Please dont stay I beg you so
These thoughts are contagious I fear
They may latch onto you my dear

I grip on close to your arM
When you hold me far too tight
YOur lies hold me down for the night
One more beside you is all I could ask

Do you find it hard to breathe?
Air thick like tar its suffocating me
Do you find it hard to breathe
Its never you its always me

Choking on the words you spit
But ill come home with you i will sit
You can do no wrong in my eyes
So fill me up with all your lies
Track Name: Ache: II
Who needs lungs with a face like that
You took away my breath so fast
The night air makes it even harder
But I'm so transfixed on you

Sitting on the concrete It didnt feel real
Too much to drink and too much to feel
But your face made it all worth the aches
This shitty photos worth will never fade

Even when I woke up I couldnt shake this fear
That I'd have to live without you near
The moment when you first looked into my eyes
I knew that I'd lost all control and I despise

I hate you for the way that you've twisted my mind
I can't look at your picture cos it makes me too wild
But I know if I ever got the chance
Id wrap my arms around you in the freezing night we'd dance

Spinning in circles in my bedroom again
These thoughts wont get out of my fucking head
I feel my fingers shake as you kiss me in my dreams
The bitterness inside cause I know it's not real

You grabbed my hand in a drunken stupor
I screamed inside my heart nearly stopped
You'll never know and that fucking destroys me
Our time is running out and you still don't know me

You dont care cause you're not obliged to
I saw you the other day I didn't know how to
I tried to smile but you didn't look back
I thought that I would have a heart attack

I hate the way you could never love me
I hate this curse it is killing me
I hate the way you will never see
How much I ache because we breathe seperately
Track Name: Ode to Frankie
Listening to frankie cosmos
On my phone on the way to your house
I think it was next thing
Sappho or zentropy
And now im in love with everything

Birth control lament tore my heart out
My i love you put it back
i spent hours on your bandcamp
I lay in bed in silence
Next thing is my fave
Couch potato paved the way
Ingrid greta frankie
My holy trinity
Track Name: Never Be Mine
i was so close for so long now its falling apart
ive wanted you for so long now you tear me apart
the few words we spoke buzz around in my head
my brain is like concrete and now my bones are like lead

every night dreaming that you are mine
waking up sadly only to find
i thought i had these thoughts under my control
but i have got no power they have a life of their own

im just another rejection from the production line
so i know youll never be mine

we are oh so similar, yet two completely different kinds
oh you make me so happy i could cry

you've forgotten that i am here
you shouldn't care or even bother my dear
it hurts so much to know that i must live without you
not because you dont want me, because you dont know how to

maybe in another world, another dimension
I'll meet you in divine intervention
I look to the future with these hopeful eyes
but it never looks as good without your crystal smile
Track Name: Show Me Yourself
we drink too much
we go too far
kissing each other
scream until theres blood all over the floor

we go to bed
arm around my waist
no shame or lust
blow off the dust
show me yourself

fall into one
become undone
a bond that cannot be broken
sit on your lap, laugh until we cry

dance in the halls
fall against the walls
pick me up like every time
when i want to cry
when we want to die

dancing on your couch let my brain explode
blood drips down the walls into a rabbit hole
the words inside my mind I fire like a gun
I cant take it back now that its been done

we drink too much
we go too far
walking in circles
sitting in the dark
take off these chains
show me yourself

we have such fun
through halls we run
hugging for hours
cry when its all done
you let me take off this mask
show you myself
and i thank you everyday
Track Name: Future Promise
these thoughts we speak of on the phone
one day theyll leave us alone
sun will come through the darkest clouds
all the beauty we lost shall be found

well sit under the starlit night sky
without a care no tears in our eyes
well sit side by side you and me
i promise you this my dear

when the summer of our lives return once more
ill come for you ill knock on your door
running free through the summer grass
so tall they wont hear us laugh

they dont deserve what we have
they took it all away from us
taking back whats rightfully ours
what weve spent so long dying for

i long for the days where we are free again
the end of all our aches and pains
the start of something worth my breath
the start of life absence of death

well find two boys nice as can be
theyll fall in love with you and me
theyll bring the light back to your eyes
i hope that youll still be alive

one day i hope you come back to me
i dont mean half i mean totally
the summer is coming and we can be free
we can do pretty much anything

i made a promise and I have to keep it
Its getting harder but I wont forget
Each day is passing you get far more cold
But I wont leave you on your own

One day well finally be free
Not in the sky but for all to see
These shackles around our throats
Drop now we can finally breathe