an attempt at resolution PART II

by ghosts and leviathans



released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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Track Name: a chip in the marble
eyes are vacant / im walking past the bus station / on my own / its only myself i was hating / but now its you / you got me good

dancing on you like i had some right to your body / unfortunately stories in my head just arent real / you got me good / blood seeping through

she lit a cigarette from yours / and all i could think was / how poetic it would be to burn my tongue / on the end that you lit for her / then maybe we'd be closer

it comes in waves and this one finally knocked me down / thought i could swim, turns out you're teaching me to drown / you didn't even make eye contact this time / the light i begged for you to keep has finally died

walk past you ten times / announcing my arrival / trying to get me on your good side / i cant be funny hot or nice / i have to try and try and try / and you can't even see, oh why?

eyes are vacant, waiting at the bus station / marble sculpture marvellous figure you are / but for the first time last night

i think a saw a chip in the marble
Track Name: can we?
can we can we can we go back to the start / nice to meet you can't wait to tear you apart / that's so exciting, hurry up and break my heart / i love to talk to myself in the dark

can can can we can we dissapear / away from all the girls that hold you near / away from the boys that give me the fear / lets go lets go just dissapear

can can can can can we leave the earth / you hurt me so ill push you in the dirt / it takes a while to finally hit the ground / im still falling fast without a sound / i hope it doesnt hurt if i dont die / i hope it hurts you cause you made me cry
Track Name: st. stephen's day
it happened again, i thought i was over it / turns out im right fucking back where i started / my brain wont let me forget your face / but my heart has certainly forgotten its pace

late at night, running through the town / through the backs of warehouses, so run down / we handn't a clue what was in store / but i didnt care cause I had you I needed nothing more

The two of us captured, brought underground / the only thing here is the love that i'd found / locked into rooms but i had you by my side / for the first time i think you looked into my eyes

I wanna die with you in this hellish paradise / grab me round my waist and we can fall into the sky

Its only in my dreams I see your face / And there you're filled with azures of grace / When I wake up tomorrow I will drown in sadness / But I have you right now to take away the madness

You wrapped yourself around me tight / we kissed perfectly in the flourescent light / you looked at me through your silver eyes / if this is just a dream i think i will cry

then they took you away and i just broke down / the energy severed, what was i to do now / i fucking escaped, i wasnt playing around / i promised you id find you and im finding you now

running through fields in a french countryside / your face in my head i need you by my side / it didnt take long for the others to follow / but you weren't there and i thought i'd gone hollow

then all of a sudden you were right in my vision / i ran to you, grabbed you and kissed you again / bright blues painted my dreary world / the sun was so bright every speck of dirt was a diamond stone
Track Name: results: inconclusive
this is my second attempt at resolution / im a little bit better but im still losing my mind

you come and go setting fire to my heart / you light up like the sun and leave me crying in the dark

sit me down in the therapists chair / tell her theres no love that i could compare / to the one i've built up in my head

the dreams are the fuel that keep my fire burning / so vivid and real when i wake up i hurt / can i really go on

is this the life i am destined to lead? / broken inside cause that dickhead is here / the cycle goes on and it always ends in tears

i cant wait to see you again / ill get another ten songs out of this pain

maybe youll hug me next time