an attempt at resolution

by ghosts and leviathans



released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


ghosts and leviathans Ireland

who knows what this is tbh

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Track Name: resurgence
i saw a new photo of you
and so the cycle starts up again

i feel the sadness fill up my lungs
i feel my happiness twist and bend

i havent got time for this
im having fucking outright fits

I have far too much to do
than to sit and think of you

ill make time to be sad
because im dumb and mad

and i know youre happy without me
cause we were never a we

even though my sides are closing again
i feel the blood ooze through my skin

in a final attempt to be free
let me be god i beg LET ME BE
Track Name: waves of mania
when she sent me the photo
i felt my heart ache
i felt so happy to see you
like id had to wait

as if we were long lost friends, the memory dissapearing
we arent even acquaintances
and thats what im fearing

after the aching subsides, i lose my fucking mind
it takes me back in time
when love was closer by

and now im bitter and sad
cause i got to hold your hand
and you will never see how low i've been

i couldn't concentrate
the days dissipate
into a dirty grey
i love you but i hate

how you could be this way
this is the cruelest fate
yet all these years i'll wait
i promise you'll ill wait

and if another comes along
and you come back
id kick him to the kerb for you
how fucking sad

and yes i know its bad
but i cannot stop myself
i need to get some help
i need your fucking help, oh
Track Name: strangers on a train
strangers on a train, maybe not so strange
i've seen you around before, through the eyes of another

and everytime i see you, i want to tell you oh
that i want your brother how i love him so

but to open up to strangers is so hard for me to do
so ill sit and stare through your eyes into the gloom

i notice that your face is pretty neat, i have to say
and even though your brothers better, you're ok

i realise your bodys pretty nice, i have to say
you can take your shirt off, look at me, or walk away

strangers on a train, maybe not so strange
ill see you in a week, to stare at you again
Track Name: november the third
a sunny skied villa where the sky is burning
hanging from a window ledge its you im calling

we talked for a while you smiled drunkenly at me
hey isnt that the way its always been

and i cant slow down
now that you're around
i won't slow down tonight

its only in my dreams i see you
my brain wont let me forget your face
i beg that i will see you soon ill do what it takes
just make it real not some dreamlike place

running through corridors in slow motion
no satanic ritual or lovers potion

could fix my mind its so fucking broken
im screaming your name im crying, choking

and i might let go
katie's begging me so
but i feel so low

you told me to come and find you in the morning
its like youre just around every corner
im running around
i cant find you now

my world feels empty because youre not in my vision
you keep putting up walls and so far I keep hitting every single one

If you won't fucking shoot me then give me the gun

Ill keep looking all night long
ive found connor but its so wrong
ill keep looking till I die
I cant wake up I have to try

Ill keep searching, give me a clue
what do i do to get beside you
ill keep looking till i die
i have to try
Track Name: find me
protruding through my skin
my bones are caving in
these moments of joy seem so far away

get these sick thoughts out of my brain
i have lost control of everything im fucking insane
its all falling into ruins around my feet
concrete falling you wont hear me scream

But if you wont let me feel this pain
Then dont take away my sleep
the only thing that keeps me going
when night by night i breathe

the colours come alive
inside my aching mind
the light is far too bright,
it's blinding, come and find me

i screamed your name all night, come and find me